It’s finally the most spooktacular time of the year and there’s just so much to love: the cooler weather, the whimsicalness of the holiday, and all the pumpkin flavored goodies, of course. To show off our excitement for Halloween, our office is going all out with décor so be sure to stop by and check out our spooky transformation if you haven’t already.

We’re especially looking forward to hayrides around the neighborhood, trick or treating and seeing who gets the most frightened during corn mazes. We’ll probably be enjoying some taffy along the way, too. In addition to that, we will be dressing up as the funny and adorable minions. You know, the little yellow guys you just can’t help but love. We can’t wait for you to see our costumes!

While we definitely don’t mind indulging in some candy during Halloween, just be sure to steer clear of anything overly sticky, hard, or chewy while your braces are on. Trust us, it’s not worth the hassle. Whatever candy you do decide to have, remember to keep up with your oral hygiene and always brush and floss before bed! Happy Halloween to all!

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